RevIt – Accelerating Customer Growth powered by Amplify

Amplify brings you RevIt–Accelerating Customer Growth, an opportunity for founders of early-stage companies to meet with a team of marketing experts who will help the founders refine and hone their marketing strategies ensuring long-term growth, at no cost to the company!

Deadline to apply was January 14, 2022.

Entrepreneurs - Here's what you need to know:

Who Can Apply

What You Receive

How It Works

Early-stage companies that:

  • Have some customer traction and revenue
  • Have a public website
  • Have online and digital analytics
  • Can clearly state their biggest marketing challenges
  • Have founder(s) who are coachable
  • Are in the Louisville region or in the state of Kentucky
  • Expertise in branding, strategy, eCommerce, social media, and creative services with experience in a variety of industry sectors. 
  • Two 2-hour in-depth sessions with marketing experts. (The marketing experts will have reviewed the entrepreneur’s application package prior to the meeting).
  • Assessment of your written marketing strategy, online presence, social media following, data analytics, and the stated marketing challenge.
  • Customized strategies to improve the company’s market visibility and customer access.
  1. Apply before deadline of January 14, 2022.
  2. Accept – applicant notifications will be on January 21, 2022. Only 3-5 companies will be selected to participate.
  3. Meet with marketing experts (all sessions are virtual):
    Session 1: February 8, 2022 from 9-11am ET
    Session 2: February 22, 9-11am ET
  4. Implement & Grow – take advantage of customized strategies to improve market visibility and customer access.
“The RevIt coaching was immensely helpful for GoodMaps; it was a chance to step back, assess our situation, and proceed with more focus and deliberateness. Thanks to the coaches and Revit!”
Jose Gaztambide
Founder & CEO of GoodMaps

Marketing Companies and/or Experts:

RevIt needs experts – like you!

Are you interested in serving as a marketing expert? We are looking for volunteers to provide RevIt teams with targeted advice to increase their customer acquisition and growth.

Volunteers are required to be available for the 2 2-hour sessions from 9-11 am on Feb 8 and Feb 22 (via Zoom).

Each person from the firm that would like to participate should fill out an application.

Questions? Contact Lisa Bajorinas at