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Understanding LGBTQ+ Discrimination in the Workplace

June 6, 2023 @ 9:00 am

Geared to help employers understand the importance of using personal pronoun sensitivity in the workplace, the first hour of this workshop presents, “Respecting Pronouns: The Power of Three Small Words.” Discussing the role of pronouns in creating and sustaining a trans-inclusive culture this presentation uses minority stress theory as a framework. The presenter, Sydni Hampton of QueerKentucky, draws on personal experience and the latest research to explain how misgendering contributes to hostile work environments, negative health outcomes, and anti-trans violence. She then discusses best practices for managers around navigating introductions, educating others, providing support to someone who is being misgendered, apologizing and rebuilding trust when you make a mistake, and more.

The second hour teaches employers about the protections under EEOC laws for LGBTQI+ employees. Presented by Brien Shoemaker of the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission- Indianapolis District Office, this presentation enables employers to broaden their EEOC knowledge.

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